Gummy Smile Treatments

What is Gummy Smile Treatments & how does it work?

In a perfect smile, the lip should sit just above the top of the teeth, but some people have problems with a disproportionate gum tissue to teeth ratio, leaving them self-conscious about their smile & the amount of gum shown when smiling (known as gummy smile).

Typical reasons for ‘Gummy Smile’ include:

  • Thin upper lips

  • Protruding teeth

  • Hyperactive muscles

Depending on the patient’s face, a couple of treatments could help to create a more natural and attractive smile shape

  • Botox injections, also known as Botulinum toxin, can be used to reduce the muscle activity which controls the top lip. This can be very effective. Patients can expect to retain all their normal facial movements, but the top lip will not ride as far above the teeth

  • Lip enhancement – where the problem is related to a thin top lip, adding some subtle volume with special lip fillers can address this imbalance, adding more substance to the lips and therefore preventing them from sliding so high above the teeth

Gummy Smile Prices

A free consultation will be given to determine the correct treatment for you.

Gummy Smile Treatment Summary

Procedure time
30 minutes

Results last 3 - 4 months

Results are immediate and otimum after 14 days

Local anesthetic cream

Back to work immediately

Possible side effects, localised bruising, and some swelling

Gummy Smile Common Questions

What are the side effects of Dermal Fillers?

- Possible bleeding/ bruising/ redness or swelling at the site of injection. - Tenderness in the area treated following the procedure - Very rarely infection can occur but our practitioner takes extreme care to avoid this.

Explaing the process of Dermal Filler treatment...

An anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area prior to injection to numb the area to be treated.The procedure is not painful but you may feel a small amount of discomfort.
Treatment takes around 30 minutes but this depends on the area treated. Most people find that they can return straight back to work after treatment.

What types of Dermal Filler do you use?

The leading dermal filler used by most UK practitioners is a hyaluronic acid based product. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the spaces between the cells of body tissues in all animals. It is non-permanent, usually lasting 9-12 month, and more likely to be compatible with our bodies than collagen, therefore people are less likely to be allergic to it and do not require a test prior to use.

What areas can be treated with Dermal Fillers

Size & Volume of lips
Fill out lines around the lips
The lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth
Smile lines on the cheeks
Crow’s feet
Forehead wrinkles Add volume to sunken cheeks and weak chins
Reshape the nose

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