Lingual Braces

Straighten your teeth without anyone noticing, with braces behind your teeth.
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Lingual Braces

Another less visible option we can explore is a lingual brace, which is a fixed brace custom fitted to the insides of your teeth. They are manufactured for each individual patient to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

Lingual braces are completely invisible because they are fitted to the inside of your teeth, and they are effective at treating anything up to complex multi-disciplinary orthodontic cases.

This makes them popular among adult patients who want corrective work but don’t feel comfortable with fixed braces on the front of the teeth.

Benefits of Lingual braces from SmileOne dental

  • Specialist orthodontics: We have a consultant orthodontist as an integral member of the SmileOne team.
  • Custom made: Every lingual brace system is custom made for each patient, ensuring maximum comfort
  • Invisible: Because they are fitted behind your teeth, they are completely invisible.
  • Complex treatments: Lingual braces can be used for multi-disciplinary and complex cases.
  • Life changing results: They can deliver life changing results which affects your confidence and well being.

Lingual Braces

Are Lingual braces suitable for all patients?

There are limitations, for instance lingual braces are not suitable for patients who have a large number of teeth with crowns and fillings because the blocks will be difficult to glue onto the back surfaces of the teeth.

Are Lingual braces right for me?

If you have expressed interest in lingual braces, then our specialist orthodontist will check whether they are a viable option for you during your assessment.  

We will explain to you that this is not as comfortable as other orthodontic systems because of the fact that the lingual braces are in contact with your tongue, so it can take a little longer to get used to.

How long does the treatment take?

Between 12 and 36 months, a longer timeframe than other systems because there is less leverage to apply force from the inside surfaces of the teeth as the gaps between the blocks are smaller and there is less room to play with.

How does it affect brushing my teeth?

Because the braces are fitted behind your teeth, oral hygiene takes more effort. We advise which special toothbrushes can help and will monitor progress.

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