Free Virtual Consultation

We offer video consultations with our highly trained dentists and orthodontic specialists.

How it works​

We understand that there's little substitute for seeing and talking to your family dentist, especially in the current climate.

That's why we are offering video consultations to you direct to your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Get professional advice on your dental health without waiting.

Video appointment are available 5 days a week, and in the evenings to suit the best time for you.​

We offer two methods of video consultations.

See a dentist now
Complete the form below and arrange a video call meeting with a dentist or orthodontics specialist.
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Submit your photos
Submit photo's of your teeth and we'll assess your needs and send you a report back within the hour.
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How it works​

  1. Complete the form below, and choose a time that works for you.
  2. You will receive an email with your video meeting details.
  3. You are all set. We'll be in touch 5 minutes prior to your video consultation.

What does it cost?

Special introductory rates are only available for a limited time.

Book your video consultation
Please fill out the following video consultation form and our dentists will email you back within 24 hours confirming the video appointment details.

What happens next?

One of our highly trained dentists or specialists will contact you if we need to optimise any part of your treatment for the best results. They may also request a face-to-face video consultation to discuss your options further.

To confirm your treatment plan, you will be asked to make an appointment at your local SmileOne Dental practice, so we can make a full assessment of your current dental condition.